A person having a nap on a yellow sofa with a phone beside her

Can naps enable you to sleep higher? We requested a sleep professional

Most of us take pleasure in a day nap now and again, however you’ve in all probability typically napped and woken up groggier than you began out. Napping within the incorrect method can have a knock-on impact for the remainder of the day and our sleep that evening. However can naps enable you to sleep higher? The quick reply is sure, however provided that you understand how to nap correctly.

On this article we’ll clarify how a nap will be helpful and even enable you to sleep higher at evening. However a nap will solely assist your total sleep sample if it’s executed correctly. Nonetheless, it’s additionally vital that you simply get a great evening’s sleep alongside any naps. Sleep is when your physique rests, recovers and repairs. Sleep is an important organic perform that helps with a large number of features – from toxin elimination by way of to enhancing reminiscence perform. Be sure you’re getting the most effective evening’s sleep attainable by investing in the most effective mattress and greatest pillow to your sleeping type, and ensure your bed room is conducive to relaxation. 

 How lengthy ought to a nap be? 

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